Truck Driving Safety

Uranium Excavation
Uranium Excavation
November 30, 2016


VSI was approached by one of the largest freight trucking companies in the AU to update their safety training and driver education courses.


  • Migrate written and practical examinations into virtual applications
  • Display information in an easy-to-understand way from a variety of external data inputs.
  • Work with insurance carriers to integrate specific state and federal requirements


  • A 3D virtual environment showing the status and location of assets and operations in real-time, with a minimum historical record of the last 6 months was created.
  • Real-time data was gathered from external data sources including a process control system.
  • The application showed the current routes and delivery end points as well as docking and unloading of specified and customized payloads. It also visualized the anti-collision system.
  • Additional information including current and pending tasks, local weather forecast and loading plans was made available.
  • The 3D scene was able to be played back at a selectable time and playback speed, allowing users to undertake root cause analysis during periods of poor or good performance.
  • The solution was remotely accessible to users using an internet connection with a proprietary web app for mobile devices.


  • Users were able to visually and quickly see driver/truck status and operations at any time.
  • Remote access allowed this information to be available to external users during presentations.
  • $900,000 AU was saved in insurance and on-site machine costs
  • Restricted individual training courses expanded to allow for an unlimited number of simultaneous trainees, monitored and recorded with full automation.